The eight techniques that can change your body

The fitness market offers alternatives for all tastes, even those with a less physical condition. Which ones promise successful results? the eight techniques that can change your body

For some time now, doing physical activity is no longer just about taking a “localized” class or complying with a routine of equipment. The disciplines were renewed and added ingredients to entertain, in addition to exercising.

The thing is that anyone who makes the effort to get up earlier to go to the gym before going to work or after an exhausting day at the office needs an extra, motivation for such logistics, which includes leaving with the bag to change in the office. path and an iron will not to regret.

The eight techniques that can change your body

Simultaneously, and at a global level, different specialties within physical practice have been developed in recent years, many of which emerge as a combination of various ancient techniques or disciplines from different cultural origins.

“Thus, recently fashions have emerged that transcend gyms, and push a large number of people to practice exercises and mobilize their bodies. Many of them become popular for a few years and others can last over time,” highlighted the professor. Pablo Etchegaray, head of the Exercise Therapy area at Clínica Diquecito. “Today, the diversity of offerings in the fitness market is so varied that they can be found from high-performance workouts to others suitable for people with less physical fitness, thus completing a menu for every need.”

Next, Etchegaray listed some very popular practices these days, which constitute an ideal menu for everyone to choose according to their preferences and possibilities. Exercise can improve your mental health by releasing endorphins in your brain, which can improve your mood. These endorphins can boost your self-esteem and help you develop more confidence. If you find an activity that you enjoy, you will likely be able to make it part of your routine and maintain the habit over time.

1- Crossfit: Crossfit, with so many followers and fans as well as controversies around the world, was born in 2001 by the California Police trainer, Greg Glassman. The objective of this training is to obtain maximum performance in all physical areas. To this end, it combines ten athletic disciplines: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, psychomotor skills, balance, and precision. It is practiced in high-intensity and short-duration sessions. The main characteristic of this discipline is that motivation lies exclusively in personal improvement and not in skills or the development of joint goals. It is an individualistic activity, a challenge between the mind and the body. To be able to practice CrossFit, the person must have a good aerobic base; That is why this activity is not usually indicated in cases of obesity, overweight, or lack of training. “We could say that it is a discipline for the disciplined. Failure to comply with these requirements positioned this activity as ‘dangerous’, after the death of a person in Argentina. However, everything depends on the individual’s aptitude to practice or not this activity, for which a doctor’s checkup is necessary,” he explained.

2- TRX: TRX (this acronym is the brand name for suspension training), has been popular since 2005. It is a suspension-based training system, in which you train with your body weight as resistance. It is composed of adjustable, high-resistance nylon strips. Unlike CrossFit, this practice seems to have more benefits than contraindications. This type of exercise does not require a prior level of training but can be the first activity of any person since it is designed to work on muscle strength, improving coordination, flexibility, and mobility, and focusing its physical impact on the central part or “core” of the body.

3- Tabata Method: This practice, named after its creator, Dr. Izumi Tabata, emerged in the training process of the Japanese speed skating team. It consists of alternating short periods of high-intensity exercise with periods of rest. There are eight twenty-second intervals of a single exercise, preferably one that involves the greatest amount of muscle mass, and the rest 10 seconds between each interval. This system is based on the discovery that high-intensity intermittent training had greater benefits compared to moderate-intensity, long-duration training, at least for competitive teams. In a time-poor world, this discovery brought discipline to the fitness fashion showcase.

The top in fun

“For many, high-impact disciplines, like the previous ones, are not motivating since not all of us have the same personality or pursuit in exercise. That is why the offer is always enriched by options more oriented toward fun,” highlighted Etchegaray.

4- Zumba: Zumba currently heads this ranking, which combines rhythms, intensity, and some martial arts exercises. Thus, it becomes a cardiovascular workout, as well as an excellent muscle toner. But, in addition to this, it is a moment of fun and distraction. Many of the Zumba programs worldwide are aimed at different age and affinity groups, providing a source of socialization that is also beneficial for global health.

the eight techniques that can change your body

5- Aquagym: Another method with excellent acceptance, because it represents a fun workout, in a different and pleasant environment, is aquagym. It is an aerobic variant within the aquatic environment. Although the benefits of exercise in this environment are widely known, it is also true that the properties of warm water are enriched by those arising from physical activity. Aquagym is one of the practices that break with the traditional response of “I don’t know if I can do it”, since it is indicated for almost all people, regardless of their age, physical condition, and weight. This activity also allows the individual to begin to overcome their limitations without realizing it since the water accompanies the movements and makes them simpler while adding resistance without one realizing it.”

the eight techniques that can change your body

Outdoors or indoors

“No matter what your preference is, nowadays there are options for everyone. We can think of running as an option designed for any outdoor environment (city or countryside), or of spinning as that indoor discipline already consecrated in many media for its results”.

6- Spinning: Spinning is a cardiovascular and aerobic workout, which is practiced with a bicycle to the rhythm of music specifically selected to be synchronized with the exercises of the session. Classes are in groups and led by an instructor. Many people today seek the benefits of this physical activity, among which are: losing weight, improving pathologies, reducing pain, and doing a low-impact activity without the need for great coordination. Etchegaray stressed that “it also represents one of the most used tools in large cities to combat stress since, apart from the production of endorphins that are achieved through training, it promotes concentration.”

But spinning also has not-so-positive effects. “One of them is that, when doing it, the hip flexor and hamstrings are overworked; it is also not recommended for those with knee problems. We must know that this training, well oriented, should have pre-approval from a family doctor, as it strains the heart and circulatory system,” he recommended.

The eight techniques that can change your body

7- Running: Running becomes a cheap and accessible option for everyone. It is a discipline that can be worked on in training groups or individually and is very popular among people who are constantly traveling for work reasons. A person can practice this sport with the proper equipment and a trail, regardless of the schedule. Freedom is the main difference from other options, which is why people with busy agendas look for this practice as an alternative. At the same time, the results are very good in terms of the immune system, and at the muscle and joint level. It also gives the possibility of competition for those who like challenges. However, the coach stressed that when practicing this sport you have to be especially careful with “your posture (keeping your trunk upright and looking straight ahead), the right place to jog (choose soft surfaces to start, such as parks or paths). of dirt, avoiding uneven terrain, and choosing the right footwear.

One day it enchants and the other it scares

The saying about fashion could well apply to sport. There are, in fact, practices that lost many followers, but that remain popular.

8- Pilates Method: The method is a practice that is more focused on the work of postural correction, seeking to achieve precise control of the body, most healthily and efficiently possible. This leads to increasing control, strength, and flexibility, respecting the joints and back. The focus of Pilates method focuses on stretching and tension, controlling the body – especially the abdomen and torso – and managing to re-educate it, eliminating bad postural habits, improving muscle flexibility, and optimizing joint mobility. This practice has now lost the popularity of its best years, but it still has millions of followers around the world.

“We must understand, finally, that the body is naturally designed to move, although it does so less and less. That is why it is important to remember every day that we must do something to get it in shape,” highlighted Etchegaray. And he urged us to find the activity that works best for each of us.

the eight techniques that can change your body

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