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When you’re ready to incorporate your business in Utah, you need to make sure your name can be used in the state. By searching for business units in Utah, you can see what has been assigned and find out what is available. In addition to finding business entities, we will also discuss the steps you need to take to form your business entity in Utah. Utah business entity search

The Utah Secretary of State offers a free entity search database to help you quickly find out if the name you want is available. Use the Ute. In Utah, business entities can include corporations, LLCs, and partnerships. An LLC (limited liability company) is one of the most common business entities.

When you form an LLC, your business name is registered with the state so they are aware of your business activities. This also means that your assets are protected and you can categorize business purchases as business expenses on your tax return. Utah business entity search.

Why form an LLC?

Even if you are in business as an individual, forming an LLC is a great way to protect yourself and your assets as your business grows. It’s a more flexible business entity because you can grow and hire employees, but you don’t need to form a board of directors to oversee your business.

The Basics of an LLC

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To form an LLC in Utah, you need a unique business name and a registration form with the Utah Department of Commerce. If you want, you can outsource this work to a company that helps form LLCs so that you can more quickly get started on other important business activities.

Search by name

Before registering a business entity with the Utah Department of Commerce, you must perform a search for your business name in your Utah business entity database. This ensures that the business name you suggest is not already in use.

Even if the specific name you are looking for is available but is very similar to an already registered business entity, it may be worth considering changing the name. You want to make sure your business stands out and doesn’t confuse customers, especially in a small community.

Search by unit number

Businesses are also assigned a business number, which is their employer identification number (EIN). Some companies use a different public name (a DBA). Therefore, you can also use a company’s EIN to find its legally registered name.


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Search for the manager’s name
People can also search for companies by the name of a director of a registered business entity. This is important if you want to contact the manager and find out what their business units are called or how many companies they have. Utah business entity search.

Looking for a unique business name
Ultimately, it is necessary to come up with an original name for your business. When searching for company names, exclude apostrophes and commas so that you can find all names that may be similar to yours. Choosing your business name is much easier if you have an idea of what already exists.

In summary
Choosing and registering your business name is an important first step in starting your business. Once you have registered your business, you can begin the creative activity of running your business. Utah business entity search.

, or number.

Search by name availability
A common method of researching the specific details of a business entity is to search by company name. When searching for business names, the following 11 steps must be followed:

1. You must choose the right name: Certain guidelines must be followed when an LLC decides its name;

2. Do the name search: To determine if the name you want for your business is available for use, you need to use the name availability tool.

3. URL check (optional): Search for the name to see if it can be used as a URL. URL names can be purchased even if you don’t want to use a website to prevent other companies from using them.

4. To start your search, go to the following website (https://secure.utah.gov/bes/index.html) and enter the desired company name in the input field;

5. To continue, you must click the search button.

6. When you click on “Search”, the results of your search are displayed.

7. You can search the listed company names to find the company name you want.

8. The company’s location, type, and status of the business is displayed.

9. For a more detailed company description, click on the company name or the “Details” link on the right side of the page.

10. The next page describes what information is currently available to the state. And

11. At this stage of the search, you can change the detailed company information, view the company information, or purchase a certificate of existence.

Search by unit number
The Utah Secretary of State assigns only one number to each business entity. Therefore, the most direct way to search for a company is to use the company number.

These seven steps must be followed when searching for unit numbers:

1. To start your search, go to the following website (https://secure.utah.gov/bes/index.html) to find online search options;

2. In the search field, enter the company number assigned to the company and click the “Search by number” button to continue.

3. The results related to the device associated with the specified number are displayed.

4. Details of the location, type, and status of the business unit are displayed;

5. For a more detailed company description, click on the company name or the Details link on the right side of the page.

6. On the last page you will find a description, including archive history, status, and location of the business unit; And

7. At this stage of the search, you can change the detailed company information or purchase a certificate of existence using the link on the right.

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